Lawrence Charles CEOLawrence Charles fell in love with tea while living in New York City, working as a model and spokesperson for Tommy Hilfiger. Sipping on delicately steeped Japanese Sencha while munching on freshly baked macaroons in teashops in Greenwich Village and the edge of Harlem seemed able to shut out the noise and rush of the city. That simple pleasure, and the rest of his life in Manhattan, was a long way from where he had started.

Born in the inner city of Canton, Ohio, to a single mother in difficult circumstances, Lawrence early on learned to rely on his imagination and hard work. He started a barber shop as a teenager, and by 19 was doing promotions for a hair clipper company.

He worked his way through design school, and upon graduation was named head designer of a startup television video series which went on to win three Telly Awards.

Purely by happenstance, Lawrence was asked to be in a fashion show with noted actress and model Rebecca Romijn. The designer whose clothes were being shown was Tommy Hilfiger, who invited Lawrence to work for the line in New York as a model and spokesperson.

Lawrence used this opportunity as a priceless learning experience in business. Talented and successful friends mentored him, encouraging him to seek his own success.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Lawrence later founded Charles & Company. As a tea enthusiast and premium tea purveyor, he is inspired by the inherent healthfulness of tea. No other beverage has the ability to positively affect the body, soothe the mind, and create opportunities for relaxed, enjoyable social interactions.

Lawrence has dedicated himself to letting others know about the health and social benefits of tea, including its unique capabilities for supporting women’s health.

Lawrence has also received international praise for his tea and the brand has served members of the British Royal family and has fans that include Sir Anthony Hopkins. Now as a congressionally recognized speaker, Lawrence Charles brings a unique voice, his own life experience, and what he has learned from listening closely to his customers.